Happy 2014!

Today is New Year’s Day 2014. Can you believe it? I noticed this week that our blog has been virtually static for the past year *gasp* and I have decided it is time to fix that.  It is not a resolution, but I would like to be posting more on here this year – I have a feeling this year is going to be a wild one :)

Sam and I spent our first Christmas together ever this year. Typically we take the week before and after Christmas to go visit our families – separately. This has always been difficult for us (ok, maybe difficult for me) but it was an easy time to get time off from work and go see the fam. This year, we decided early on that we would stay put and start our own family traditions. I won’t lie, I definitely had a few moments of sadness thinking about what we were missing back east, but then Sam reminded me what we have here and that we can go back and visit anytime. So we started some traditions :)

We joined some very dear friends in their tradition of going to Red Feather Lakes and cutting down a Christmas tree. I have NEVER had a real Christmas tree, let alone one that I helped to cut down. Colorado has a program with State Parks that allows residents to pay for a permit, drive into a section of the forest, find a tree and cut it down. These areas of the forest are marked for clearance; the trees that we were allowed to cut (trunks less than 6 inches in diameter) will clear out the forest floor, reduce the risk of forest fires, and help the overall health of the forest. I’m in!  We loaded up the 4×4 trucks and off we went.

The drive up was gorgeous. Sam was in his bearded glory driving on dirt roads and hit every bump possible in the truck.

Sam the Bearded Wonder.

Sam the Bearded Wonder.

As the trusted co-pilot, I was in charge of Radio, and bad Selfies.

A trusted Pilot and his very important Co-Pilot.

A trusted Pilot and his very important Co-Pilot.


We found the perfect tree for us – it is a pine and about 6 feet tall. When we saw it in the trees, it had a ray of light coming down onto it – talk about an omen, right?  Sam and his sidekick “E” took charge and got it down for us.


Sam and "E" assessing the tree situation.

Sam and “E” assessing the tree situation.

 Luckily the tree was small enough that it fit nicely in the back of the truck without much fuss at all.

Sam was able to carry the tree one handed. He is a superman!

Sam was able to carry the tree one handed. He is a superman!

Easy Beasy!

Easy Beasy!

We were pretty proud of ourselves – a lumberjack and his lady….

Mission Accomplished.

Mission Accomplished.

We got it home, put it into the tree stand, and VOILA! Our tree was ready for decorating. What a difference picking a tree out of a forest versus a JCPenney Catalog ;) Growing up, the tree skirt in my family was handmade and amazing. I couldn’t imagine having our tree without a handmade Tree Skirt. About 2 weeks before we went for the tree, I decided to crochet one for us. At first it looked like a banner for a pizza restaurant, but once it was placed under the tree, it looked just right.

Decorated and ready for our traditions to begin.

Decorated and ready for our traditions to begin.

My mom sent out my box of ornaments this year. Mom has been saving ornaments for me each year since I was born. Most of the ornaments were gifts from family members over the years. She mailed them out to me a week before the tree expedition. I made Sam sit in the living room with me as I opened each one and tried my hardest to remember when I got it, the person who gifted it to me, and the last time I remembered seeing it. Some I could remember, some not so much. But it was amazing go through these boxes of treasures. I was super surprised to find that Mom had sent out the 2 ornaments that I thought I would never have in my own possession.

The Bear Ornament Susi made in Preschool.

The Bear Ornament Susi made in Preschool.

First Grade Doily Ornament

First Grade Doily Ornament

Now that I have my awesome little-kid-Susi pictures up here, it is time to sign off for today.  Happy New Year to all of our Family and Friends!! Here’s to a super exciting year full of surprises, wonder, new experiences, and lots and lots of laughter!

Keeping up with the Jones’…..I mean life.

Things are always hectic. Have you noticed? Sam and I swore we would regularly update this site with the things that we do and the projects we make, but we are slackers ;)  Things aren’t all that new and exciting right now, but they are busy for sure! Let’s do a recap, shall we?

Well, we all know that Sam and I got married so we can skip that part ;) Bu after the wedding we went to Kauai, Hawaii for a WEEK! It was amazing! Here is the rundown on some highlights.

best coffee ever

We drank amazing Coffee…. and let my hair get curly.


We showed off the rings to the locals.


We drank fruity pink drinks.


We ate at the most AMAZING restaurant, Postcards – twice :)


My shins got MORE freckles!


Huggy Bear introduced us to his Tuna (hehe).


And the he showed us the freezer.


We dreamed of Mountain Front/Waterfall Front/Ocean Front Properties….


And we went adventuring in the most beautiful waters I have ever seen in my life!


It was a truly amazing honeymoon. We had the best time!

Then it was back to reality… We had a visitor for a few days…..

Warren came back from Taipei to say hello :)


Sam, Drew, Erin, and I got to go see Devotchka and The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks!! It was insane! We were 3rd row…. CENTER! Incredible!

Devotchka at Red Rocks!



The Avett Brothers at Red Rocks!

I am mildly convinced that my concert going experiences can never top that night…. 3rd row center at the most beautiful amphitheater I think I will ever see (mind you, I have even played in Carnegie Hall lol) and we were RIGHT up front.

My creative mind still needed something to work on though, so my present to myself after the wedding was to take Knitting classes! I have been crocheting for over 10 years but never had the luck of figuring out knitting. So here was the start of my first real project – a hat for my then-unborn nephew…..


I learned how to knit!


That was the start of the project. Here is the finished project, with the finished 3rd project (a baby blanket) and my sister’s latest project – Steven Russel!!

Steve, a hat, and a blanket.


Steven was born on September 6th at 12:21 am to 2 adoring parents and 2 equally adoring big brothers. To say this kiddo is loved is an understatement. Biggest Brother Kyle and middle brother Jacob love that little dude for sure. Pretty awesome. I was lucky enough to go and meet him in person when he was 2 weeks old….

A very proud Aunt and a very asleep Steven

Hard to believe he is 1 month old tomorrow! Insanity!! Speaking of insanity…. check out the weather…..

Yesterday it was a brisk 45 degrees with blue skies and sun shining…. check out the colors of Colorado:

Trees outside my office.

This morning we had this:

First snow – October 5, 2012.


So it has been interesting lately to say the least :) Hope that catches you up just a bit! We have more pictures to post soon and promise to do a better job keeping this updated (hahaha, best laid plans, right??)