Happy Birthday to Susi!!

I had an amazing birthday this year :) I seriously got spoiled rotten. I woke up to the CUTEST banner on the floor….


Got a “Happy Birthday Aunt Susan” text message one of my 3 nephews….

Baby Face!

At work, we had Red Velvet and White Chocolate Cookies. Oh My Word were they delicious! New favorite? Maybe. To top that off, our newest Project Manager in my office is a professional Opera Singer…. so guess who had Happy Birthday Sung to her in beautiful Baritone??? THIS GIRL! I think my knees melted a little bit, not gonna lie. Then my coworker took my for Pizza for lunch…. awesomeness.

Came home after picking up Sam from his office and it was present time!!

My parents sent along a new bead for my bracelet :)  It is a sparkly cupcake… super cute!! My mother sent me a BEAUTIFUL handmade cowl to add to my collection…..


Sam got me a new mixer for the kitchen…. this girl has been learning to cook! Then he surprised me with new stuff from one of my favorite bands in the universe!!! A new t-shirt and tote from Hotels & Highways!

hotels&Highway SWAG

Hotels & Highway Shirt

I thought I had been spoiled enough, but Mr. Sam had one more, very amazing, trick up his sleeve….. he arranged to have a custom coffee table made for me! But here is the kicker!! He made it! Yup! With the kind and skillful help of our friends Hank and Justin I now have the coffee table of my dreams!! The top is “rescued” solid oak and the legs and frame are from Modern Legs. Ever since I saw the hairpin table legs that Modern Legs sells, I have wanted one. I seriously cried when I saw it! Take a look ;)

Modern Legs Table 1

Modern Legs Table 3

Modern Legs Table 2

Oh and we capped off the night with dinner at The Rio and dessert at Salt!

SALT Dessert


It was such a great day :) I don’t think 32 is going to be such a bad year after all ;)







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