The Garden

Sam is the master Gardener of the house – that is to say, he doesn’t kill the plants the same way I can haha. This year he planted an array of flowers and produce. We had some Mini Watermelons, Potatoes, Tomatoes, Hot Peppers, Sweet Peppers, Zinnias, and some Onions. We had a lot of luck with the peppers, as usual (they grow like weeds!) and some late luck with the tomatoes. Due the recent 30 degree nights, we had to do some premature picking. Check out what we got!

A mix of tomatoes, peppers, onion, and one itty bitty watermelon.

Not too bad for a 3’x6′ raised bed ;) Sam is quite the gardener, that is for sure. He built the raised bed 2 years ago and this year he added a potato box to this mix as well. We are hoping for about 5 pounds of potatoes from it, but we shall see.

I am not gifted in the ways of gardening at all, so I just try to not touch it. It is safer for all that way… trust me. I have been busy inside the house knitting and crocheting. I am starting to make baby hats for our local hospital now. So far – I have 2! WOOHOO! I am on a roll. Check them out:

One looks GIANT, right??

Here is the funny thing…. the one on the right is a full term newborn size Small. The one on the left, a Preemie size Small!

The Preemie hat is just 4 inches across!!

I made a new friend at Sam’s softball games in Erie this season. She is a nurse at the Children’s hospital in Aurora. She said she has actually seen 1 pound preemie babies who need hats that small!! I cannot even imagine!! (So there you go Megan! I will make a stack of those too!! Thanks for the tip!)

OK, off to run a few errands. Hope your Saturday is amazing and fun and maybe includes some snow flurries like ours is!

Oh yeah! A big shout out and congratulations to our friends Risa, Ali, and Lauren of Fatty Sundays for hitting the KickStarter goal 5 days early!!! Their company makes the BEST dipped pretzels I have ever had in my entire life!! They could still use your help if you have a few spare dollars laying around ;)